Family Law

Solicitors for family law

We understand that the break down of a family relationship can be very stressful. It triggers important decisions relating to finances and children. We can connect you to a UK family solicitor who specialises in family matters relating to divorce, financial settlements and issues surrounding children.

  • Mediation

    We can put you in contact with a trained mediator who can assist you in resolving marital conflicts and put in place the right arrangement about children without the need of court litigation.

  • Divorce and Financial settlements

    Where all means of resolution has been exhausted and court action becomes necessary, we can find a solicitor who will assist you in applying for a divorce or provide you with practical legal advice on how to deal with property, possessions and money including the enforcement of maintenance claims.

  • Children, residence and contact issues

    Issues relating to children are always emotional and could be difficult to deal with. Specialist family knowledge is important when it comes to deciding where a child will live following the break up of a relationship, Social Services involvements in child matters, preparing applications to discharge care orders, child contact applications, special guardianship orders, child adoption and child abduction.We can help you find a specilist solicitor in these areas.

  • Domestic violence and Injunctions

    No one should be made a subject of abuse whether physical or emotional. Let us find you a solicitor who can assist in all matters relating to domestic violence, injunctions and committals.

  • Cohabitation

    Find an experienced solicitor who can provide you with legal advice on your cohabitation rights and what steps can be taken to protect these rights.

  • Pre nuptial agreements (marriage contracts)

    Your assets become matrimonial assets once married. This implies that some or all of what was once yours can be given to your ex-spouse. A pre nuptial agreement aims to limit any claims on assets owned before marriage by the other party if the marriage ends. We can connect you to a solicitor who can advise you on whether a pre-nuptial agreement is appropriate, its terms and its enforceability.

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