Debt & Insolvency

Solicitors for Debt & Insolvency

A change in circumstances can lead to an individual’s inability to pay off their debt. We also understand that a busy schedule provides insufficient time to pursue bad debts. We can put you in contact with a solicitor with a track record of success in debt matters.

Are you a debtor?

Lets connect you to specialist debt solicitors who will advice you on the necessary steps you need to take in order to avoid bailiff actions or county court judgements.

We work with solicitors who also specialise in dealing with other debt related matters including;

  • Debt management plan
  • Individual voluntary arrangement
  • Writing off unenforceable credit/loan agreements
  • Repossession advice
  • Bankruptcy


Are you a creditor?

Instructing the right solicitor to recover a debt enables you to concentrate on running your business feeling confident that bad debts are being pursued and monies collected.

We can connect you to an experienced debt recovery solicitor who can advise you on your options where money is owed as a result of unpaid bills, faulty goods, breach of contract, poor or incomplete workmanship failure to supply agreed services, or where there is a refusal to pay without any good reason.

We work with solicitors who can advise on debt recovery procedures such as;

  • Letters before action and late payment demands
  • Issue of County Court claims
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Issue of statutory demands
  • winding-up proceedings

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