About Us

About Oasis Law Link

Oasis Law Link is a solicitor referral service. We have connections and close working relationships with solicitor firms of all sizes across London and in the rest of the UK. Oasis Law Link was founded after witnessing the time and energy people often have to dedicate to finding a suitable solicitor, while at the same time experiencing for ourselves the time solicitor firms often spend dealing with enquiries that don’t match their expertise.

Providing a personalised and confidential service

  • Personalised Service

    By using our training and experience we aim to make a difference to people during what is likely to be a stressful time in their lives, linking them to a solicitor who has the expertise that they need in their specific situation.

  • Confidentiality

    We take confidentiality extremely seriously, and it is our most important commitment to anyone who contacts us. We will not disclose any of the information a client gives us without their consent.

How we work

We have a network of solicitor firms that we work with and we carefully vet their record before making a referral. We also ask our clients for a feedback on their experience to ensure that they received a high level of service.

We also refer clients to solicitors who offer their service on a no win no fee basis. All clients need to ensure they understand the fees for the service before their first appointment.

Our service is free to individuals and businesses but we receive a referral fee from solicitor firms if you opt to use them.

Oasis Law Link does not offer legal advice. We use our knowledge and experience solely to connect people to solicitors, barristers and other legal representatives who will be able to advise and assist them with thier legal issues.